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Car Door Magnets - 11" x 24" - XL OUTDOOR

$18 - $28 ea.
Item Number: MF-11x24
Price Range: $18 - $28 ea.

Project Details...thickness, artwork, instructions, quantity, etc.

Quantity Price
2 $28.00
4 $26.00
6 $24.00
8 $22.00
10 $18.00

Car and Truck Sign Magnets for Landscapers - 11" x 24"

Your vehicle is transformed to a billboard on wheels....advertising your product or service everywhere you go. Our high quality vehicle magnets are thicker than the industry standard for maximum visibility and durability. Car and truck magnets are available in even number quantities with a minimum purchase of two (both magnets must have the same text/design). Please be certain to measure size of door or body panel before ordering to ensure your magnet will fit.

We will personalize your magnets with your artwork or feel free to take advantage of our complimentary design services. All of our magnets are high-quality and proudly produced in the USA. Create a personal connection with your audience and order this handy marketing tool today. 

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